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Localized Representation Services

Did you ever want to offer your product or service to a market in Latin America but you just did not know how to go about doing that? Or your resources were not sufficient for the effort? Or you did not want to commit your own resources for concern about losing focus at home?

Outsourcing Latin America provides companies with a ready range of localized representation services that help companies introduce and offer their products or services to Latin American markets. 

If your company has a top-notch product or service to offer but does not want to deal with the problems of introducing, marketing, selling, supporting or collecting money within the Latin American markets, perhaps we can help.  

Outsourcing Latin America manages the local business cycle so that your company does not have to.

Managing the local business cycle

There is quite a difference in making a sales call in Latin America and having a local presence.

A fly-in sales call is an opportunity to go into a country for a few days, have a meeting, go to a good restaurant and perhaps do some site seeing. But do you notice that although your meeting is filled with a bunch of managers attentively listening your pitch, you really never close the deal? That is because few purchases are made from companies that do not have a local presence in the market.

A local presence means having someone that a prospect can call and speak in his own language at any time of the day. It also means understanding directly the difficulties of doing business locally and being able to provide a safe solution to a prospects need.

Latin American statistics

  • Total population: 500 million, including the Caribbean.*
  • Total population of South America: 379.5 million.**
  • Total population of Brazil: 186 million.**

*World Bank **"The List"